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A few photos from the Sauti za Busara Parade

We are enjoying the Sauti za Busara Music Festival. It is a 4 day music festival with bands from all around Africa. Before the first day of performances, there was a brief parade through town.

Angi and I knew the parade was happening, and once we heard it start, we scurried across town (a ten minute walk) to find where we thought it would be. There was no map of the parade route, so we used our skills of deduction.

We found it!

A few things I learned yesterday

Student M: “I’m glad you are teaching us British English.”

Me: “I don’t think I understand.”

Student M: “British English. You say the word “want” not “wanna” like Americans do.”


Student A: “All Tanzanians are equal.”

Same student a few minutes later: “Well no, she can’t be president. She’s a woman.”

A few pieces of wisdom

1. When you live in a country that has official “Rainy Seasons” and it starts to rain and the locals scurry for cover even though the rain is a mere drizzle, join them in the search for cover. As I meandered, the rain intensified VERY quickly and I became…wet.

1a. Also related to rain. To dry our laundry, we hang it out on the clothes line. I heard the light rain starting and having learned something from the above piece of wisdom, I hurried outside to bring in the clothes. However, I noticed there was a woman a few buildings over who was continuing to actively hang her laundry outside at the same time I was pulling all of ours inside. And guess what, I really haven’t learned much. It did rain, approximately long enough for me to bring everything in. And then it completely stopped.