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Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

Dear Basketball – This was my favorite of the five nominees. NBA legend Kobe Bryant wrote a letter to basketball as his career was coming to an end. This short takes his letter and sets it to a beautiful pencil-drawn story about a young boy falling in love with basketball and dedicating his life to honoring the game. Good animation, powerful story.

Lou – This was Angi’s favorite. This Pixar short is a feel good tale about the toys and clothes that end up in a Lost and Found at a school and how they help a bully change his view on life. I thought it was good, but there were a few loose ends (that were highlighted in the introduction of the title on the screen) left in the story. Typical Pixar quality with nice details.

Garden Party – This was our least favorite. When we got our tickets, there was a notice warning viewers that there was something gross at the end of this short. It was gross, and not necessary, but then again, the entire premise – frogs doing frogs things at a deserted(?) and desserted (with mold and flies) house wasn’t exactly world changing.

Negative Space – A feel-good/feel-bad story about a boy recalling the most important lesson his father ever taught him. The metaphor about properly packing a suitcase comes full circle with an emotional ending.

Revolting Rhymes – A fun play on Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Snow White and a few other fairy tales with a number of twists and turns. This was labelled as Part One, and the story ends with a Wolf possibly preparing to do what Fairy Tale wolves do. A fine short, but there are many wonderful variations of these fairy tales.

Added Content: Because there are only five nominated shorts, there were a couple additional shows included. These were labelled as Highly Recommended and we each found one we definitely would have taken over Garden Party.

Weeds – This is a very short piece that brings Zen Mindfulness to a dandelion. I enjoyed this one, because I feel the simplicity of the story, matches the simplicity of the lesson.

Achoo! – This was Angi’s favorite of the extras. This is a cute folk tale about how a Chinese celebration came to be. A young dragon must try to outsmart some of his older and bigger rivals. Fun, but in my opinion, a little too much snot. (Really)

Lost Property Office – It was nice. A tale of a man who works in the Lost Property Office who must deal with becoming redundant. The style and format felt formulaic.