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Living Nativity Dress Rehearsal

These photos are from the dress rehearsal for this week’s Living Nativity Play held at Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Our good friend Peter is King Herod, sitting on his throne in picture #4.

The live performance will be held Thursday, December 22, at 7 p.m.


Some pictures from Nairobi

Some friends we met at Nairobi National Park (in order of appearance – unless they move around for some reason):

Guinea Fowl

A quick picture from this morning


Finally, some football

We got to attend our first football (soccer for you Yanks) game today.

“Our” team is the team in orange. They play for YIFOZA (Youth Interfaith Forum of Zanzibar) which brings together players from different religions to play on the same team. We met members of the organization a few weeks ago, through our friend Caroline, our friend we have known for almost 10 years. We met her and her (now) husband Michael when we lived in Lushoto.

Anyways, we were introduced to members of the organization and I found out that they have a football team, and well…

YIFOZA lost the game 1-0, but Angi and I both enjoyed ourselves (and our time with our friends Peter and Phillip) and we look forward to attending many more matches.

A Hint of What We See

We are still in neutral here, waiting for our residence permits to come through, Angi’s research permit to be confirmed, and school to start in two weeks. So we enjoy the food and sights of Stone Town.

Photo 1 is of boats ready to take guests to Prison Island. The name is daunting, but it is actually a nature preserve with giant tortoises and a nice beach to relax on. I have not been there yet, but as you walk through Stone Town, there are dozens of tour guides (and representatives thereof) who eagerly ask everyone who looks like a tourist if they want to go to Prison Island. Because I wear my Rancho Cucamonga Quakes hat every day, some of the guides have started to recognize us. Instead of a pressure filled plea for us to go touring, they now jokingly ask, “Today?”

Photo 2 is (I believe) the Old Dhow Harbor. I am not sure what they are unloading, nor where it comes from. But it looks cool. And busy.

Photo 3 is a shot while standing on the beach looking back towards the harbor.

Photo 4 is from the dining area of two of the restaurants (Lemongrass and Cafe Miwa) in town. I just thought it was a sight that few people have the pleasure of seeing. Angi pointed out the Red, White, and Blue color scheme to me.

Out the Window

So we were about to embark on our normal routine of heading out for lunch at a yummy restaurant, wandering around a bit and going on a scavenger hunt for one or two things on our list of things to get.

And then the rains came. It rained for a good two hours – sometimes gentle and soothing and at other times, it looked and sounded like a mini-monsoon.

So rather than sit around and listen to my tummy grumbling – how dare I make it wait until 2:30 for food! I decided to photograph from our windows (after Angi pointed out that I can open the screens on all of the windows quite easily.)

So I have these three pictures. All shot from inside the apartment. All shot through open windows.

Jozani Forest


Today we went for a walk in Jozani Forest. Here are three of the wonderful sights I saw.

Indianapolis airport

Made it through security. Thought we might have to pay for extra baggage, but that got worked out without us having to pay.

So now we wait for flight #1 of 4 to board in an hour.

Indy airport
Indy airport


The Clinton LumberKings play the Quad City River Bandits in Davenport, IA, on July 8, 2016.
The Clinton LumberKings play the Quad City River Bandits, July 8, 2016, at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, IA.

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