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Angi wanted a special birthday

We went for breakfast at a local place where the owner is our friend and the cook is amazing. She (the cook) brought Angi birthday cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for breakfast.

So that was special.

But then as we were walking back from market we got to see something very special.

Someone stole a car in market and tried to race away. But crowds and traffic made that impossible. A police officer with a serious rifle chased after the car on foot as the car struggled to make progress and barely missed hitting dozens of people and many vehicles.

The officer caught up to the car and fired his rifle in to the air twice. The car started to drive off again, so the officer shot the back tire. And still the car tried to continue.

By now there were hundreds of people around the scene so my view became blocked (mob violence is the response to many crimes like this in Tanzania and Angi and I do not need to be involved in that) but we could hear the officer fire four more shots at the car.

Then we saw the driver get pulled out of the car. About half the crowd converged on the car and the other half took off running. So we also hurried away, with a few Tanzanians making sure we had clear passage.

The day is only halfway through, but I am not sure how we will top that one.

I got credit for performing a miracle

Normally I ride a dala dala home from school.

(A dala dala is a passenger van that is used as an inexpensive taxi service. Dala Dalas are packed tight, there is usually little air flow, and the drivers have a reputation for being risk takers, but it only costs me 13 cents for a 20 minute ride).

However, yesterday I gave my midterm exam and thus had about 90 essays to bring home, with each essay being completed in a 16 page booklet. So they were heavy and a bit inconvenient.

I contacted my friend Archibold and asked him to pick me up. He agreed. He had taken his car to get a repair done earlier in the day, so he arrived in a friend’s car.

Archibold got out of the car to greet me and closed the door… With the car running… And the keys locked inside!

So we tried the doors. None opened. We tried the trunk. It was locked. The windows were all rolled up.

So he called the owner of the car to have him bring the extra keys. It turns out the extra keys and the owner’s house keys were in the car. The locked car.

So again we tried the doors. Still locked.

So I start pushing on the door frame of the driver’s door… And all of a sudden it opened!

Archibold immediately gave me credit for performing a miracle.

Does anyone have Pope Francis’ telephone number?

Living Nativity Dress Rehearsal

These photos are from the dress rehearsal for this week’s Living Nativity Play held at Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Our good friend Peter is King Herod, sitting on his throne in picture #4.

The live performance will be held Thursday, December 22, at 7 p.m.


Some pictures from Nairobi

Some friends we met at Nairobi National Park (in order of appearance – unless they move around for some reason):

Guinea Fowl

Some kind of record…

2:53pm East African Time Zone on December12…

We heard our first Christmas song of the season. (Jingle Bell Rock).

And now song two at the restaurant is Jingle Bells.. Sleighing and snow, etc.

Just a side note. It is 90 degrees here.