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Out the Window

So we were about to embark on our normal routine of heading out for lunch at a yummy restaurant, wandering around a bit and going on a scavenger hunt for one or two things on our list of things to get.

And then the rains came. It rained for a good two hours – sometimes gentle and soothing and at other times, it looked and sounded like a mini-monsoon.

So rather than sit around and listen to my tummy grumbling – how dare I make it wait until 2:30 for food! I decided to photograph from our windows (after Angi pointed out that I can open the screens on all of the windows quite easily.)

So I have these three pictures. All shot from inside the apartment. All shot through open windows.


Today we rode back to Zanzibar on the ferry. Before going to the VIP lounge, I spent 2000 T-shillings (93 cents) on a big bag of tea biscuits to snack on, if necessary.

About an hour in to the almost two-hour trip, I opened the bag and offered the gentleman next to me some. I held out the bag and he took some. Never once did we speak to each other. I simply had something and shared it.

Angi was sitting a row behind me during the ride but could see me from her seat.

Once we disembarked and were waiting to go through customs, she commented on my sharing. And reminded me that earlier today at the security briefing we received at the US Embassy, we were specifically told (yes, really we were told) not to take candy from strangers (because sometime in the past, someone took candy from someone that was laced with something… urban legend???)…but to be fair I was giving cookies TO a stranger, not taking from him…


A good start to the day

So far today we have ridden in the VIP section of a ferry on the Indian Ocean, eaten in a rotating restaurant 21 stories above Dar es Salaam and are now getting ready to eat chocolate croissants.

Jozani Forest


Today we went for a walk in Jozani Forest. Here are three of the wonderful sights I saw.

What’s that?…over there…

Oh, it’s a subscribe option for this blog.

It sure looks inviting…

(note: when you subscribe, which you really want to do, it sends you a confirmation email. But it is possible that the email will end up in your spam folder… Just so you know.)

Tech-nical difficulties

So my cell phone was and is working just fine.

Angi’s on the other hand was having a very hard time connecting to 4G so I started tinkering with it…

And now she is using one of the backup phones that we brought. 🙂 (two evenings of my tech support and now she is pretty happy with the phone she is using).

This is where we benefitted from having lived and spent time in Tanzania before. Always have a backup, whether it be for tech, a lesson for teaching, or just because. There are many wonderful things you can buy here, but I don’t think a subscription to Amazon Prime is one of them.

Bright lights in the sky

So last night we feel asleep about 9pm and woke up again at 11pm. And then we each lay in bed reading, trying to fall back asleep.

At about 3am, I asked Angi “is that light in the sky blinking?” We waited a few minutes to see if it was airplane but it didn’t move. So I looked for and downloaded a sky map app.

That app (aptly named Sky Map) is so cool! You point your phone at the sky and it tells you the names of many of the stars and planets you can see. You move the phone and point at a different part of the sky, the map moves too.

So it turns out that we were looking at Canopus (a star with limited visibility in North America). And the blinking was caused by atmospheric interference.

Being in a location where you can see lots of stars is kinda cool.

Last people in the airport

Zanzibar customs at 2am

Here is the photo from Sunday morning when we arrived in Zanzibar. The luggage sitting there was not ours, but our two other suitcases came the next day.


We made it in at about 1:30 am, a good 26 hours after we left Indianapolis.

60% of our luggage arrived with us. The other 2 bags were delivered to our apartment today. (those two bags decided to spend the night in Nairobi).

We got to our apartment and were asleep by about 4 am. I woke up a few times but finally got up at noon. (7 hours ahead of US east coast).

And now we are waiting for lunch at the restaurant next door to our apartment.

Photos will be added once I have my own internet, right now I am using the restaurant Wi-Fi.




Nairobi airport


We have made it to Nairobi. Only one more flight. I slept a bit so I am no longer exhausted. 🙂