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So typical…

Here we sit in a fort in Zanzibar listening to a woman from the Seychelles (who currently lives in Australia) sing All Night Long by Lionel Richie in French.

I got an ouchie on my head

I keep scraping my head on vehicle doors and a tree outside our apartment…

Anyways, I have an ouchie and Angi got me some hydrogen peroxide today to make sure it doesn’t get yucky.

On the bottle: “Use – detaches dead tissue and pockets of bacteria from inaccessible parts.”

Sounds like it should be fun.

Kinda cool

We picked up a radio (for those who don’t know what one of those is, please ask your grandparents) in town today.

We are currently listening to CRI news (China Radio International).

As I was scanning the stations I stopped on “Natural Woman” by Aretha. And then five minutes later we were hearing news about the US making the Chinese military mad.

In remembrance of…

The Thai king who died today, we are having Thai food for lunch.

At the beach

Today we went on an adventure with three other faculty from the university. We went to the other side of the island (don’t ask me where or how – we went on some roads and turned some times and etc…). About 98% of the conversation was in Swahili, which I speak about 50 words of, so I spent my time admiring the scenery and taking pictures.

Picture 1 – I was fortunate that the man who was working with the boat was wearing a bright yellow shirt.

Picture 2 – These women are searching for seafood, perhaps clams.

Picture 3 – The water is very shallow for quite a long ways. There is a lot of seaweed growing, and the colors appear otherworldly.

Picture 4 – These palm trees were having fun playing in the wind.


We made it in at about 1:30 am, a good 26 hours after we left Indianapolis.

60% of our luggage arrived with us. The other 2 bags were delivered to our apartment today. (those two bags decided to spend the night in Nairobi).

We got to our apartment and were asleep by about 4 am. I woke up a few times but finally got up at noon. (7 hours ahead of US east coast).

And now we are waiting for lunch at the restaurant next door to our apartment.

Photos will be added once I have my own internet, right now I am using the restaurant Wi-Fi.