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Window shopping

Today is an open-windows day!

Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

Dear Basketball – This was my favorite of the five nominees. NBA legend Kobe Bryant wrote a letter to basketball as his career was coming to an end. This short takes his letter and sets it to a beautiful pencil-drawn story about a young boy falling in love with basketball and dedicating his life to honoring the game. Good animation, powerful story.

Lou – This was Angi’s favorite. This Pixar short is a feel good tale about the toys and clothes that end up in a Lost and Found at a school and how they help a bully change his view on life. I thought it was good, but there were a few loose ends (that were highlighted in the introduction of the title on the screen) left in the story. Typical Pixar quality with nice details.

Garden Party – This was our least favorite. When we got our tickets, there was a notice warning viewers that there was something gross at the end of this short. It was gross, and not necessary, but then again, the entire premise – frogs doing frogs things at a deserted(?) and desserted (with mold and flies) house wasn’t exactly world changing.

Negative Space – A feel-good/feel-bad story about a boy recalling the most important lesson his father ever taught him. The metaphor about properly packing a suitcase comes full circle with an emotional ending.

Revolting Rhymes – A fun play on Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Snow White and a few other fairy tales with a number of twists and turns. This was labelled as Part One, and the story ends with a Wolf possibly preparing to do what Fairy Tale wolves do. A fine short, but there are many wonderful variations of these fairy tales.

Added Content: Because there are only five nominated shorts, there were a couple additional shows included. These were labelled as Highly Recommended and we each found one we definitely would have taken over Garden Party.

Weeds – This is a very short piece that brings Zen Mindfulness to a dandelion. I enjoyed this one, because I feel the simplicity of the story, matches the simplicity of the lesson.

Achoo! – This was Angi’s favorite of the extras. This is a cute folk tale about how a Chinese celebration came to be. A young dragon must try to outsmart some of his older and bigger rivals. Fun, but in my opinion, a little too much snot. (Really)

Lost Property Office – It was nice. A tale of a man who works in the Lost Property Office who must deal with becoming redundant. The style and format felt formulaic.

Still too cold to go outside

It’s better under the covers.


‘Tis 2018

31 Hours in New York City

I believe the rule is…

that to resume a blog, you must publish cat photos. Consider this blog resumed.

From the Streets of Stone Town

Matemwe, Zanzibar

Angi went scuba diving and swam with dolphins. I went for a walk on the beach with our friend Arch.

Betterflies, a grasshopper and some graphic sex

We went back to the Butterfly Center and this time I was much happier with my photos. Also, if you are offended by baby butterflies being made…well…